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“Katie is really good at what she does. I lost my necklace years ago and she made a replica of my Batman pendant. This is way better than the old one. I wear that necklace from day one. She's very forthcoming with her work. I'm amazed at her jewelry details and she's got a knack for them.”— Nate Huddleston

  • “She’s the one! Katie completely redid my wedding band. She reset the head stone and made my ring amazing again! Her attention to detail and her eye for beauty is unreal. Hands down, Katie is wonderful and will continue to bring all my jewelry to her.”— Amy Perez

  • “Katie is a life saver! My great-grandma passed and left some jewelry behind. It needed work and Katie without a doubt jumped in and helped fixed my necklace that meant the world to me. Katie is the kind of person who will do anything to make her customers happy. If you ever need a fix, contact Katie because not only she can fix your jewelry, she can make you happy!”— Jess Wulf

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“Katie was able to fix my wedding ring as the diamond was about ready to fall out. I never had it professionally cleaned since owning it for over 30 years and she made it look brand new!! Katie also repaired one of my grandmother's bracelets fantastically! These two repairs were on pieces that are very sentimental and irreplaceable. I am very happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dragonfly Jewelry Studio for the quality work and because they can be trusted!”— Gina Wulf