I'm Katie Rose, owner of DJS and I’m Deaf. I've been a Jeweler for over fifteen years. Jewelry has been a passion of mine, one I have cultivated since my youth. My Granny Louise inspired me to become a Bench Jeweler and Designer for Jewelry. When I was in high school, I took a Jewelry class. Ever since that I fell in love with making jewelry and repairing sentimental jewelry. 

Prior to my current resume, I won awards in high school and have been published in Kane County magazine as spotlighted woman jeweler. "I am constantly increasing my knowledge of machinery and hand jewelry creation." I worked with various Jewelers from all over the United States and it has gained my experience in jewelry which I can do multiple repairs and custom designs. 

But then, the purpose of this business, I want to support deaf business where I can share my experiences with clients. I do strongly believes that with my passion in art of jewelry will bring connection between two worlds. My creation in this beautiful jewelry and art is perfectly at home with my thrive to provide the absolute best in quality and excellent customer service.

In most custom design pieces are often thought of as more expensive, as an owner of Dragonfly Jewelry Studio, I am more open to discuss options with you directly where you can contact me at this email and videophone. Check my Portfolio website out below here!

Katie Rose's Portfolio