Frequently Asked Questions

Two years warranty

With your new purchase, we are happy to include a complimentary service of the item such as one free sizing, head & setting, etc.

I really want that ring but I don’t think a finger size will fit my finger?

We can resize it as you prefer. If you buy it then you’ll get a free sizing.

How would I know my finger size?

Easy as peasy & you don't have to go in because the app called "Ring Sizer." Well worth your time invested in that instead going in the store.

Where can I put my finger size down as soon as it's in my cart?

You’ll see the pop up screen as soon as you click on the purchase button.

How long is the resizing process?

Two weeks guarantee. After December 1st, it will be a month or longer but it’ll be back to normal after January 31st.

Can you remove stones from old jewelry and melt gold then re-design?

No, we can’t melt your old jewelry metal but we can remove stones and set into a new design. Nevertheless, thus more prone to porosity and cracking, and losing stones while wearing it so we highly recommend “fresh” metal.

How long is the process for special order?

We will have to order parts and assemble which it takes up to two weeks! Around Holidays, it may take a month or longer.

Can I trade my jewelry into buying a new jewelry?

Yes! Please contact for further information!

Can you appraise my jewelry?

Absolutely yes! Please contact for further information!

How can I mail my jewelry to you but I’m scared?

The PO box is well secure and inside the building within the insurance included.

How long is the shipping?

Up to 1-3 days

What if I don’t want to mail it but how can I see you and drop it off?

Please contact us and we will talk from there.

I think my phone won’t allow me purchase, please help?

This website only allows Shop, Apple Pay, Paypal, and all credit cards accepted. Please contact us if need more help!

How about the Repair service, how can we pay?

You’ll pay through any payment method. Also, just a friendly reminder, the policy stated you must pay half deposit for the repair service. Click here for more information!

How about the Custom Design service, how can we pay?

You’ll pay through Venmo or Paypal. Also, just a friendly reminder, the policy stated you must pay the full deposit for the custom service. Click here for more information!

Does your online store have a Deaf Jeweler?

Absolutely yes! She is also an owner of Dragonfly Jewelry Studio! Your conversation with her will be much easier than interacting with a hearing Jeweler.

More Questions?

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